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Press Release April, 2000
Home Distillation Book sells well on the Web

Who says the old books don't fit in new formats? In 1998, Sweden's Exakt Book Publishing Company took a popular book and offered it for sale on the Web, making it accessible online within seconds of a credit card purchase. As a result, sales to the USA started immediately and continue with new sales each day. Sales to every single state in the USA last month point to a growing interest in home distillation.

Home distillation has a 300-year-old tradition in Sweden, and through the years has become popular throughout the world. The Home Distillation Handbook, written in 1974 by Ola Norrman and rewritten and updated annually, is Europe's most frequently sold home distillation handbook. It's not about brewing, it's about distillation. There's a big difference.

Gert Strand, the largest manufacturer of liquor and liqueur essences in Scandinavia, strongly endorses this book. Strand says that this is possibly the best book ever written about home distillation and that the Swedish version is one of the most sold books ever in Sweden.

Available in English, Swedish, and Norwegian, the book will soon be translated into Finnish and French, and sells for a few dollars as an e-book. The book is also available in a printed version.

The site also provides information on distillation, legal issues, health and safety, and equipment costs.

For more information on this amazing "how-to" book, e-mail or visit or contact Gert Stand at:
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