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The Home Distillation Handbook, by Ola Norrman, describes how to make alcoholic spirits at home. Possibly the best book written on the subject, it describes in detail how you can make your own spirits.

Updated yearly, the Swedish version has sold over 100,000 books. And this in Sweden, where a super thriller sells 7,000 books in the same time frame! We now also offer the English version of "Hemmaframstallning av Sprit," the leading book in its field in Sweden for over 20 years. This new version has been sold as
a virtual book on the Internet since the summer of 1998.

NOTE: This process is illegal in some countries, as is even
the construction of a distillation apparatus following the drawings in the book.
It is however, information that can be read in all democratic countries. The information given in the book is not intended to encourage the manufacture of alcohol.

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